Photo by Zoe Morley Photography Now that I’ve covered off the major parts of the story so far I guess I should probably talk a little about how I am coping with it all. Overall… View Post

Image sourced from the HEART CENTRE FOR CHILDREN Westmead website We had our first visit with the Heart Centre at the Westmead Children’s Hospital. Sam and I were sitting in the waiting room which was… View Post

Photo by Zoe Morley Photography So we’re having a rainbow heart baby. I’ve since learnt they call children born with congenital heart problems are referred to as “heart babies”. When I left you last we’d… View Post

Photo by Zoe Morley Photography Just when I though losing the first one was my cross to bear in the motherhood journey we were dealt an unexpected blow. Sam and I were at my 19wk… View Post

Ok, let’s try this again. After 2 months & 2 cycles I felt physically and emotionally ready to try to conceive again. I figured there was no putting it off because I knew, now more… View Post

This photo was from the month after when we were on holidays in the UK which was perfect timing!   So it was over. We wouldn’t be having a baby in October like we’d thought.… View Post

When I last left you it was Monday morning, 3 days after my dating scan. Before I get into it I want to preface the post with this – if you’re currently at the start… View Post

Photo by Zoe Morely Photography If you’re not up to date with the story make sure you read Part 1 “Let’s Have A Baby”. When I last left you I had just found out I… View Post

Photo captured by Zoe Morely Photography First up, THANK YOU to everyone for your lovely comments and messages since I announced my pregnancy. So many of you have expressed an interest in knowing a bit… View Post