BABY DIARIES 5 – Let’s try this again… Rainbow baby

Ok, let’s try this again. After 2 months & 2 cycles I felt physically and emotionally ready to try to conceive again. I figured there was no putting it off because I knew, now more than ever, that I wanted it. I also knew it could take a while to fall again so why prolong it.

Except it didn’t take long, I fell pregnant the first month we tired again. I certainly wasn’t expecting that! How had I not got myself into a less than ideal situation before if it was this easy for me?! I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve had friends who tried for so long and other who had to have IVF etc so I knew it wasn’t as easy as that for everyone. But here we were, our rainbow baby. (Rainbow babies are what they call the baby you have following a miscarriage. I assume the term was coined on the whole rainbows after rain/storms analogy.)

Ironically I fell pregnant the week that I quit my full time job. Of course, I’d didn’t know it at the time. I’d decided to leave my job because I wasn’t enjoying it like I had for the years and years prior. I thought about sticking it out for maternity leave. I’d been there for almost 13years but I didn’t know how long it would take to fall pregnant again and if I’d lose another one so I had to make the call for my own sanity. I couldn’t believe it when I found out a few weeks after resigning that I was pregnant but it’s really worked out for the best (and you’ll soon know why).

I was determined not to let what happened the first time make me a nervous wreck with this one. I trusted my body. What would be, would be. It was out of my hands. So we started going through the process again. Dating scan – 6wks 4days again. I’m a bit superstitious so that was strange that it was exactly the same time as the first one. I was sent to see an Obstetrician early due to losing the last one so I had scans again at 8wks – perfect. 10wks – perfect plus I’d decided to have the Harmony bloodtest where they test for things like Down Syndrome and a few other chromosomal issues, you can also find out the sex. Results – all clear and it’s A BOY! We were having a son! The next big scan was the 12 week anatomy scan. I was a little nervous but not overly. Everything was clear. Limbs where they should be, organs forming where they should be, fingers, toes. It’s crazy how formed they are at just 12 weeks! I continued to have little check ups every few weeks and things were going great. Until my big 19wk scan….

NEXT CHAPTER: 19wk scan “I’m sorry, it’s his heart”

Ash =)