BABY DIARIES 2 – Well That Was Quick! Telling Hubby

Photo by Zoe Morely Photography

If you’re not up to date with the story make sure you read Part 1 “Let’s Have A Baby”.

When I last left you I had just found out I was pregnant. I’d already decided on how I wanted to tell my husband when the time came. Years earlier I’d seen a pregnancy announcement where a couple did a photo shoot and the photographer asked them to write down 3 things they loved about their partner on a board and not show the other. The wife wrote down that she was pregnant and the photographer captured the moment. So that’s what I wanted to do but I couldn’t possibly keep it from Sam for very long. I knew I wanted Zoe Morely to photograph the moment so I contacted Zoe with my plan. She was on board immediately and made some time to shoot it on a Sunday afternoon so I only had to wait a couple of days. Ah, still hard! Before anyone thinks “How could you do that?!”, I’d like to say that Sam has since said that it was a perfect way to tell him and he wasn’t at all upset that I’d waited a few days. It seemed like such a big thing that I didn’t want to just randomly say “Oh hey, yeah I’m pregnant.”

In hindsight I’m also glad that I had a few days of keeping the info to myself so that I could really process the fact that this was actually happening. Even though it was planned, I still found it a surreal experience to know that I was going to be a mum.

At first the double lines were quite faint and I had a couple of days until the shoot with Zoe so I decided to take a least one more test before the shoot. By that time it was two, strong lines. It was real! It was coming up to our 1 year wedding anniversary so I’d told Sam that Zoe was wanting to update her website and because I knew her through my wedding work she’d asked if we might like to have some photos taken and then she could use them. Since it was near our anniversary it was good timing. That seemed like a legitimate enough excuse so Sam didn’t catch on. We did the shoot and, as I hope you agree, the photos are lovely and will be so special to us forever. I can’t thank Zoe enough for capturing them for us.

We decided to tell my parents and sister about a week later. I’m super close with them and share everything so it seemed impossible not to share the excitement. It was the first Grandchild for my parents and a day I’m sure my mum had been waiting for! I booked in to see my GP and she gave me a referral to have an early dating scan. By the time I had the scan I was 6 weeks and 4 days. I’d already known for a few weeks at that point and it’s crazy how fast your mindset starts to change and you start to plan things out (well I did anyway).

The scan was on the Friday, on Saturday I worked on a wedding down the coast and by the time I was done I was feeling a little unwell. Was this the whole morning sickness thing kicking in? Sunday I was still feeling a bit meh but your body is changing so quickly already I’d think too much about it. Monday rolled around and I headed to the office. What would transpired in the next 12hrs was something I hadn’t thought about….

NEXT CHAPTER: I Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

Ash =)