BEAUTY – Eyelash Hacks


Everybody wants amazing lashes right?! That’s why we spend so much time, effort and money on mascaras, tools, false lashes, extensions, lash lifts etc so I thought I’d share with you some of my eyelash hacks to give you the most amazing lashes possible!

  • USE A LASH SERUM – I was sceptical about lash serums a few years ago when I first heard about them but since then I have used them at various stages and they REALLY do work! The serum works to condition & protect the lashes which promotes stronger lashes that are less likely to break and therefore grow longer. It’s also great to use even when you have lash extensions because by strengthening your natural lashes the extensions will last longer and when they start to come out you’ll still have lovely, dense, strong lashes. The serum I’ve used consistently over the years which you guys would have seen in my Instastories etc is the MAVALA Double Lash Serum. It’s super easy to use. I generally use it as a part of my nightime skincare routine. It has a mascara type wand that you just apply to your lashes. I also use whatever is left over on my brows.

  • USE A LASH CURLER – If your lashes are nice and strong, especially after using a serum, using a lash curler will really open up your eyes and make your lashes appear longer because they’ll be pushed upwards.


  • REMOVE YOUR EYE MAKEUP – Make sure you remove all of your eye makeup thoroughly – product build up leads to brittle lashes and just like the hair on your head, you want to keep your lashes lovely and clean. There are a bunch of different removers out here but if you’re interested in picking up the serum it might be worth checking out the MAVALA one while you’re there.


  • FIND A MASCARA THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS – everyone has a personal preference with how they like their lashes to look. Different mascaras do different things – lengthen, separate, volumise, define. Try to pick a mascara that is suited to the look you are trying to achieve.


  • AVOID WATERPROOF (where possible) – Try to avoid waterproof mascara as much as possible or if you need to use it daily use a gentle remover that is specifically for the removal of waterproof eye makeup


  • REFRESH YOU MASCARA – If your mascara is a bit dry and you’re not ready to give it up yet put the tube in a cup of warm water or add a few drops of a saline solution.


  • LASH FAN – Lashes always get clumpy? Use a lash fan brush to apply mascara – especially good for lower lashes


Thanks so much for reading and if you have a lash hack of your own please leave a comment below!

Ash =)

NOTE: This post was created in collaboration with MAVALA but all opinions, including on their product, are my own.


  • A lash fan mascara?? That sounds hectic haha Think I need to check that out and completely agree, waterproof mascaras ruinnnnnn my lashes! Great post 😀

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT